About Wanderings

Wanderings is a location tracking application that shows a heatmap of where you've been. It is low effort; just keep the Wanderings iPhone App running in the background on your phone and it will record where you are occasionally using GPS and other location methods. Then come to the website to see a heatmap of where you have been. We hope to run Wanderings for years.

Screenshot of Wanderings heatmap

Wanderings is privacy friendly; we don't keep a copy of your location data on our own server. Your locations are only stored in iCloud (requiring your password to access) and cached in your local browser for display. (In addition the Mapbox map service we use collects telemetry data, which you can disable.) The location tracker on the iPhone is designed to have very low impact on your battery; a few percent a day at most. We do not currently have an Android app.

Related products include Google Timeline, Fog of World, Strut, and the late lamented OpenPaths. See also Strava's global heatmap.

Wanderings is a small side project by Brad Greenlee and Nelson Minar. If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]